Freitag, 6. September 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY / ina jang

Woman covered by a turquoise rectangle.

There is a white teddy bear in front of a light pink background, covered by a pink rectangle. There is a plain white array in front of a white background, covered with black dots, which are perfectly arranged, but you see one dot which is up-folded and which destroy this mainly perfect surface of the image. These are only two images created by photographer Ina Jang. On the first glance it's hard to tell if the images are photos, paintings or minimal graphic layouts.

Ina Jang's work is abstract, beautiful, playful and ask questions about fiction and reality, her images blur the border of graphic design, art and photography. Born in South Korea and educated in the USA created Jang a stunning body of work which is characterized by a perfect balance of color, form and narrative content. Her photos are more than just simple images of forms, people or things, in her images the photographer shows always that a photo is a constructed and staged situation, so she use handcrafted elements for her photography to create her own new reality. She use scissors to cut and remove elements from the photos and reflect the medium of photography every time in a new way. 

A single interpretation of the content is difficult, it's defined by the viewer. This fact of unique interpretation and multilayered content is also reflected by Jang's use of colors which are difficult to name. She only use soft pastel colors in her photos, a tone of blue which can be identified a baby-blue, light blue or turquoise, a light pink which reminds to bubble-gum as well as the morning evening sky or a light green which you will find in pistachio ice-cream or a collection of a mainstream fashion house. 

White area with black dots.

Woman with mirror in blue clothes

White stone in front of white background

Woman in white dress

Woman with light green area

Black fur and white dots

Green leaves

Woman in a mirror

Red ball and woman in stripe shirt

White covered sculpture

Pink covered teddy bear

© Ina Jang

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