Freitag, 27. September 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY / polly brown

Beautiful men and woman in expensive clothes are staged in a perfectly composed surrounding of colors and forms. The photos and films made by british photographer and film maker Polly Brown for clients like Diesel, Woderland, Alvar magazine, Lee or Kris van Asche are beautiful composed and outstanding fashion editorials but the personal work of the London based photographer is much more interesting as every fashion shoot. During the last years Polly works on a lot of ongoing projects, where she creates interesting connections between the high fashion scene, our daily Television experience and the ordinary life. 
The Series SEND is a collection of various Emails send to various people and is based on video stills of the everyday TV programs, which are modified with typography. Polly uses ironic sentences to create collages with a wit kind of humor  But Polly works also on personal film projects like the series KISSING, which is a collection of films showing couples kissing each other. These very minimalistic films remind to the pictures of dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra and the screen tests of Andy Warhol. Every film is a collage of film and sound, because Polly added a special song to each couple reaches from Lil Kim to Al Green, which is sometimes very funny or romatic.
Her Series PLANTS is focussed on the Office Plants of big Companies and show mundane plants in offices as Mulberry, Sony, Virgin, Vogue, Vivienne Westwood and Google. The photos seems on the first glance a normal and dull but from the first moment you are captured by the colors, the perfect composition and the very special touch of her photos. It's hard to explain, maybe it's the imperfection which makes the photos so gorgeous. The flash which is reflected in the glass of the window, the ugly socket in the corner or the picture.

The personal series of Polly Brown are rough, but especially this makes them so special and beautiful. They move on the border between photography, film and art and I hope to see more of this in the future. Have a look on Polly's full portfolio.

 © Polly Brown

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