Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

FASHION / cos aw13 campaign


A good outfit is always complete with fantastic details. One of the top rules in fashion is now interpreted in a new way in the awesome new COS campaign. The Swedish fashion label produced two editorials, photographed by Davin Blair and Thomas Lohr, two photographers who have literally an eye for fantastic details. Both show fashion in a new perspective, concentrated on the small things.

The editorial by the German photographer Thomas Lohr is concentrated on the unique texture and the perfection of the materials: the woven wool, the smooth leather and the perfectly initiated shadows on the well arranged textiles. He staged the garments in a simple and sophisticated way and shows what the COS pieces really are: extraordinary textile sculptures. While Lohrs way of presentation is sober, clean and reminds to the photographed typologies by Bernd and Hilla Becher, focussed the Canadian photographer Devin Blair on another perspective: He shows the accessories, the belts, the shoes and the bags from the new collection in a narrative way. Blurred stills of moving people which reminds to a volatile glance on the street. He tells the story of the viewer, an observer looking at other people on the street. He chose a cinematic perspective which is disrupted by little details: an arm which crossed the image but directed the viewers glance perfectly on the geometric silver pendant or a shoulder which dominated the foreground of an image but framed also perfectly the sober brown high-heeled shoes from the collection.

The perfection of these editorials lies in their contrasts: while Lohrs way of seeing is distanced and artificial, is Blairs presentation personal and a little bit voyeuristic. While both editorials are totally different, they capture exactly what the clothes from COS are: sculptural pieces which fit perfectly in the everyday use of modern people.

Coat grey

Men Shoes

shoulder detail

Blazer detail

Fur Details


black details


Jumper, wool

Leather shoe



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