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JEWELRY / marina stanimirovic


There are some facts about jewelry the most people forget about during the time of wearing. Every piece of jewelry is foremost an object and our relationship to objects is a difficult one. Our choose and placement of the objects in our lifes tell a whole story, about us and our view on the world. A jewelry designer who use this special relationship to objects for her work is London based designer Marina StanimirovicGrown up and educated in the art of high jewellery making in France,  Marina decided to move to London to complete her studies in jewelry and object making at the Royal College of Art in London. Marina sees and celebrates a direct connection between jewelry, object and sculpture and believe that a piece of jewelry should be nothing else as a beautiful sculpture which fits also in a gallery or at a wall in a museum. In her eyes every piece she produce is an intimate sculpture made for a special body.

Her work is focussed on the tension between the highly constructed forms of the jewelry and the organic shape of an human body. Every piece got another meaning in the way it's presented: It communicates in two complete different forms – as an sculptural object itself and also as a piece of jewelry on the human body. Her pieces exists on a thin line called “in/between” by Marina. Her beautiful and almost abstract pieces mix different materials, take them into a dialogue and create contrasts which are strange and familiar at the same time. Her big necklaces are mostly driven by the idea of moving, every piece is able to change it's form and meaning. Every necklace combine different materials, associations and forms. Her rings are static, but work with dynamic, natural grown elements, crystals like amethyst or pyrite are combined with dynamic shapes forms in gold-plated silver. Every piece is modern, abstract and conceptual driven which underlines the relationship between Marinas understanding of jewelry, object, art and the human body.

Check out Marina's full portfolio here.

necklace movingnecklace






Wood uWood u

© Marina Stanimirovic

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