Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

PRINT / composition two - the printed blog

Printed Blog Spread

If you write a fashion and design blog you will learn that beautiful superficiality and copied content dominate your daily business. Universal informations like press texts are repeated from blog to blog and worn-out during this process. It's not different on this blog. During the beginning of the year I was thinking about making a magazine out of the content from this blog, but then I ask myself "Why?"
It makes no sense to produce another magazine dealing with beautiful images and short useless texts.
Instead I decide to reflect about what I have done during the last year and start creating an archive of my blog. As well as the bloggers who use every time the same press texts, I start repeating the information from the blog over and over again. The resulting book is a review and and an archive after one year of blogging. It contains 170 posts and 20 interviews with designers from different disciplines, who gave answers on the question »What is good design?«

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My printed Blog

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