Montag, 25. November 2013

ART / luis vassallo

Every person has to deal with a lot of impressions in the everyday life. The most of them are not spectacular, but mundane and dull, like street views, houses, plants, vehicles and other people. The work of the spanish artist Luis Vassallo is an investigation in these mundane and often boring scenarios we see in our daily life. He uses photos of mundane scenarios and brush them with acrylic colors. The result are impressive combinations of familiar images and abstract forms. Luis changes the familiar to something strange and mystic.

Luis Vassallo was born in madrid. He holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts by the Universidad Complutense Madrid, a Graphic Design Diploma by IED, Instituto Europeo di Design and compares his studies at the Hochschule für bildende und Kunste, Hamburg, Germany. He sees his work as an ongoing experimental process, which offer space for creativity and new experiences. He does not follow distinct rules or methods in his art and create images which are very different, but unified through a consistent use of bold colors and clear forms. While some of his images remind to the formal language of Pablo Picasso, show other works a direct reference to Francis Bacons visualization of space and underline the open approach which Luis use to create his own way of art.

See more of his great work on his website.

© Luis Vassallo

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