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FASHION / mark and julia ss 14

Shirt with stripes

There are some trends coming up for the next summer: One of them will be defined by 
the austrian duo Mark & Julia (read an Interview here). Julia Rupertsberger and Mark S. Baigent's vision of the upcoming summer is dominated by soft non colors like different shades of grey, off white and light nude tones. Their new Spring/Summer 2014 collection PERTUNGBA was inspired by a fictional a pilgrimage through the Himalaya. The title of the collection was chosen after the Sherpa word for “Nacked“ which is the feeling which the designers are trying to translated with their clothes. 

During the creating process they think about the countless precious summer days were you Feeling the heat of the sun and wishing you wouldn’t be wearing any body covers at all. They have translated this feeling into a collection of Harem pants and fitted tank-tops, long dresses held together with ropes and other loose and easy peaces of gold used to overcome mountains and other obstacles. All pieces are made of soft and see-through materials made from natural fibers - combined with linen, cotton and mesh.

There also some special hidden details in the collection: The viennese artist Flo Rottensteiner has created some outstanding paintings for the blouson of the collection. The Jewelry designer Hannah Wagner completed the collection with her extraordinary body chains, which give the whole collection a special touch of the exotic and mystic.The collection is more about the translation of a special feeling of summer as a trying for beautiful non-sense clothes. So you won't find the boring clear cut's, straight form or boring modern color palette which was used over and over again during the last year by countless designers.

So, you see, there is a lot to expect from the upcoming summer and also from Mark and Julia during the next seasons.

Oversize pants

Loose fit dress

simple combination

Oversize dress

Summer Top and shorts

Shirt and skirt

Shirt and summer pants

Flo Rottensteiner painting

Summer shirt, loose fit

Flo Rottensteiner blouson

© Mark and Julia

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