Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

FASHION / pola thomson aw 13

Maybe some of you remember Pola Thomson, the brilliant Chilean born, New York based designer, I wrote about a few months ago? In her work Pola connects the new and the traditional, creates her own, very unique, style and take reference to different phenomenas of nature. Her current AW 13 collection is inspired by the sensation of experimenting vast and monumental landscapes, but translate this in a very abstract and beautiful way.

Her main inspiration for the collection are the Patagonia Paine Peaks from her homeland Chile. These monumental images are translated in a modest but strong color palette and simple and puristic forms with a special twist. Pola mixes minimal modern shapes with organic forms of wood and a clean color palette mainly based on dark blue, turquoise and black, white and a sunlight resembling orange. The collection contains simple tops and skinny pants also as spectacular loose pajama pants, oversized coats and high-necked blouses and dresses which play with the silhouette of the human body and catch the viewers eye with special details like extra long trousers and cut outs in the neck.
Each piece has been carefully crafted in organic fabrics as silks, cottons and wool. The collection is added by a series of beautiful accessories, based on Chilean driftwood bound by cotton rope set over a clear and black acrylic. See the full collection on Pola's website.

©  Pola Thomson

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