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DESIGN / catherine lovatt

What makes a sculpture a sculpture and what makes a product a product? This question becomes redundant if you have a look on the sophisticated work of  the Belgium product designer Cathérine Lovatt, who merges modern art and product design in her work.

Born in Ypres, Belgium, grew Cathérine up in the North of France. She was trained in ceramics at the Sint-Lucas Institute of Art Ghent. From 1989 until 1996 she worked as a freelance designer for companies like Domani and several design stores in Belgium, Japan, Italy, France and the Netherlands. She placed her career as a ceramicist on hold during the 9 years she worked as an assistant modern arts. In 2007 she resumed her ceramic work and opened a ceramics studio under the name Cathérine Lovatt.
Her speciality are porcelain vases, objects and combinations with other materials. From 2008 on she restarted as a freelance ceramicist for companies as Serax, Belgoflor and Mookum.

Her assistant time in the modern art becomes visible in her minimalistic products which are characterized by a pure form language, which reminds to sculptures and her conceptional approach in ceramics. Her project Family Set is based on the concept of purifying and re-interpreting the aesthetic beauty found in everyday objects. Catherine's bowls subtract from the archetypal form creating a functional object with a unique design language. Crafted from high quality glazed ceramic, the bowls eschew the superfluous to focus on the core elements of the object: the cylindrical volume an a most unique interpretation of handles realized in tubular forms. Her series of tableware exploring the possibilities of simple, geometric forms create an inspiring table-scape that adds life and vibrancy to daily routine.

Her series '52 weeks: Variations in light and space' had its origins in a found object with specific characteristics: a special lamp picked up at an antique market. The shape inspired and motivated Cathérine to investigate in certain qualities to finally reform a series of contemporary sculptural objects and lamps. The result are 52 pieces: one for each week of the year. She thereby leaving from geometric ceramic forms that serve as the basis for light objects. The sculptural forms that were all light and warmth like small table lamps, large floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lamps or candlesticks. In Cathérine's words: “52 Weeks, is a story of light. Light in the form of sculptural objects displays. Or light that symbolizes the quest for warmth and far-Light-ing. Or simply, a rediscovery of the quality in the simplicity of things. It was a story of personal, intimate geometric shapes in ceramics in harmony with their environment. And in silent dialogue with themes such as work, solitude, reading, writing and eating. The ceramic forms remind us by their presence repetitive (every other week) and their variation that alternatives exist to live with more awareness. In a better way Each individual design is at the service of research into materials, forms and structures. The light mass each object can wear is a reflection of that process, a pointer to the search for a harmonious whole.“

© Cathérine Lovatt   

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  1. wow- sieht super aus! ich mag minimalistisches design sehr!
    alles liebe
    maren anita

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