Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

FASHION / cotton love

Shirt MenThere so many fashion labels out there. Some of them are connected to the art industry and start collaborations with photographers or artist to promote their clothes, some others use new store concepts and some labels chose the possibilities of the new media to get their pieces on the market. The young independent Label Cotton Love from UK chooses a special approach to realize their view on fashion: The awesome first collection is currently only available via Kickstarter. There you can order the new pieces and support the label.

And there are enough reasons to do that: The Cotton Love clothes are clean and wearable, simple, full of beautiful details and made from precious materials. Ruth and Nigel describe their style as “A sensibility inspired by 90s minimalism, eastern silhouettes and antique workwear.“ They want to provide your ‘always’ jacket or ‘eternal’ trousers, reliable, well made garments, which offer an inconspicuous base to your everyday wear.

But there are more aspects as the beautiful clothes to fall immediately in love with this new label: There look book photography reflect the minimalistic visual approach of the label, is based on beautiful portrait photography and simple geometric forms which remind to the awesome photography of the dutch photographers Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes, a beautiful use of typography and a well curated journal.

So, there are only three days left to order some of the amazing pieces from Cotton Love, 
so use the following link to support the fantastic new label.

Shirt, pants, woman

Studio viewmen pants and jacket

studio view

woman shirt

mood board



men's shirt

 © Cotton Love

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