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JEWELRY / the medley institute

There is one thing which connects all the different creative fields: The process of bringing different  recognizable pieces together, like a medley. To make sure such a medley is really special, to have a positive tension in it, it is crucial to combine elements which would not be expected to appear together. A designer which is especially focussed on this process is Jana Patz. The Berlin based designer was trained in fashion design before she founded her own label The Medley Institute, where she creates small collections of handcrafted jewelry and accessorizes. Like the name The Medley Institute implies Jana tries to create pieces which connect different elements, ideas and materials and merge different approaches from fashion, product and jewelry design. 

All her pieces are minimalistic and pure but with a special twist in it. On the second glance you will find special details, which make every piece unique and ambiguous. Being a trained fashion designer, all of Jana Patz‘ creations start with an intense anatomic study. Every single piece is formed by draping it around the body. In that way, it will connect to the wearer and create a new story during the process of wearing. 

Her collection “where seven become one” in 2011 is completely made of walnut wood and 925 silver, materials which works through the contrast of warm and cold, static and vivid. Each element of the collection was formed directly on the human body, captures a movement and builds a new shape and is wearable as necklace, shoulder object, and collar. In this collection Jana linked the process of fashion design, the draping, directly to the creation of a jewelery piece, creating hybrid objects which moves on the border between both disciplines. Her 2012 released collection “Swimming Pool” is driven by the idea of a line and a strong concept. Jana produced a series of wearable objects which materials, forms and functions complement each other sensually. The collection is a study of different moments of linear evolution in a given frame. Every piece is a still of dissolving geometrical forms, cast in silver, wood, porcelain, leather and fabrics. Different lines become accessories, worn as bracelets, necklaces, scarfs and bags.

Her current collection “Edition No. VIII” is based on the question how it could be possible to catch infinity not only in a moment, but in an object. Focussing on jewelry, fabricated of exclusively one exquisite material, it is an intimate study of body shapes, which are abstracted, combined and looped. The 18-pieces collection is based on the form of the puristic Möbius strip, consists of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, all either 8-shaped, twisted or combined with a right angle. They are made of exquisite 925 sterling silver, polished silver and triple gilded for an infinite golden shine.

In the process of presentation Jana adds a fourth layer to her work: Photography and art direction. She collaborates with the German photographer Sabrina Theissen to create a vibrant scenery for every collection which communicated the idea and feeling of each collection in sophisticated fashion editorials. Found all of the brilliant collections on the website of The Medley Institute  and have also a look on Jana's amazing blog The Medley Material Blog.  

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  1. Its good to know about the medley and her passion for designing jewelry. I have done a bit research about Medley and what i can say after all is collection of 2012 named swimming pool was the best of her life. Being designer, its tough to design accessory products and she did a good job in designing that as well.


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