Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

JEWELRY / stilnest

Silver ring

Are you still searching special christmas gifts? Here is secret advise: It is a new online shop out there. The German shop Stilnest is focussed on limited jewelry editions from different designers from all over the world. In the shop you will find special necklaces from Mendel Heit, Germany, odd earrings from Dyvsign, Netherlands or minimalistic rings Colin Bernard Butgereit from the USA. All pieces are unified through a clean and simple style and a very special common production process: 3D printing. 

These store concept is unique in the world wide web and supplemented by a well curated range of jewelry: All pieces are made from silver, steel or polyamide in grey or black. You won't find garish or trashy jewelry in these shop, only modern and sophisticated pieces. The minimalistic design and common color scheme of the jewelry pieces is perfectly reflected in the web shop design from Stilnest: no special colors, just black, grey and white, modest typography and well structured informations. 

Currently Stilnest is working on a special design project, pushing the limits of the profession: The Cockoo Project, where Stilnest bring six artists from around the world together - who never met each other – who are going to redesign the traditional cuckoo clock with the help of 3D printing, integrating social media features, hashtags and music. The final result is more than just a fancy version of a traditional German clock: Through the collaboration of the international designers and the materials of the 3D printing process these special piece get a minimalistic and fresh image and offers a new perspective on a traditional German product. Find more informations and the full documentation of the project under the following link

Hope these are enough arguments to get a quick look on these amazing new store and try out some of the beautiful jewelery pieces.






 © Stilnest

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