Montag, 3. Februar 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY / rosa rendl


The view of Austrian-born photographer Rosa Rendl is attentive and focussed on details. It doesn't matter if she shows a women's face in a close up, smoking accessories on a cupboard or strange close ups from colorfull interiors: The images of the photographer are every time characterized by a well chosen minimalistic composition of light, form and color.

The most important elements in Rendel's work are the isolation of the content from it's environment and the close distance from the photographer to her subject. With these stylistic elements she creates images which move on a border between intimacy, beauty and sometimes boredom. Every image got a strong narrative quality, captures the viewer and offer questions about the content and it's interpretation.

This is why Rendl's photography has been shown in various group exhibitions in a context between fine art and fashion photography and features in publications like Another, Baron, Modern Matter, Tissue and Novembre. Currently Rendl is based in Vienna and London and work on commercial and personal projects.

Find her full portfolio on her website.




Close Up





Mobile phone

© Rosa Rendl

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