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DESIGN / droog in milan 2014

deJongeKalff for Rijksmuseum

"Seeing is knowing is making“ was a sentence which the American art historian Svetlana Alpers wrote once in her book "The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century“. With this sentence she summarizes what Dutch creativity is all about, until today: The observing of the everyday surroundings, followed by the transforming of the resulting knowledge into something new. The collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam display the results of this special way of working: Artworks which are inspired by the everyday life, like portraits, still life’s of food and objects, paintings about the dutch landscape or the work life of everyday people and present it next to everyday objects which illustrate the dutch history. Next to Dutch art has Dutch design also a long tradition in the reflection of the everyday. The dutch design collective Droog which is well known for the same reflective way of working mentioned by Alpers (read an older article here), present during the Milan Design week 2014 a special collection which is inspired by the collection of the Rijksmusuem.

The collection show a range of new products: For example the AA Glas series, which are inspired by five wine glasses made by Anonymous Artists. The makers of the 5 original historic glasses are unknown but admired by milions, as they are part of the collection of Rijksmuseum. Or the Table skin made by DeJongeKalff. The product designers create a white silicone cast of the elegant geometric “embroidery example with rectangular shield” carved in wood between 1507 – 1521 by Albrecht Dürer. The inverse engraving is a table cloth much like classical white damast table linnen but durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Droog also presents new products from The New Original series, inspired by iconic Chinese products, such as lampion lights and Tea for one and two teapots by Richard Hutten, deJongeKalff and the team of Droog Studio. Have a look on the new collection during the Milan de Design Week from April 8th - 13th at the Via San Gregorio 29, 20124 Milano or visit the website of Droog.

deJongeKalff for RijksmuseumdeJongeKalff for Rijksmuseum

Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten

Studio Droog

Richard Hutten


Photography by Mo Schalkx, deJongekalff, Ingmar Swalue

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