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FASHION / ucon acrobatics

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses

As I said in the introduction text of this blog: Fashion forms a node in the network between the interacting disciplines design, art, architecture and media. An outfit can be constructed in the same way like a layout or a photography. The Berlin based lifestyle brand Ucon Acrobatics is an amazing example for this: Founders Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger collaborate with designers, photographers and artists to create a special universe around their brand.

As addition to their regular collections they organize artist collaborations with creatives from different disciplines like Monja Gentschow, the fantastic photographer and illustrator Christopher Gray from London or NYC-based illustrator Mario Hugo. As Uncon is focussed on minimalistic and high quality items are the results often surprising and wearable pieces with a special attention to edgy details.

Lately inspired by the city of Berlin and the people in their environment Ucon draws attention to local talents and set up an artist collaboration with Berlin-based Graphic Designer Till WiedeckTill, who run's his own Graphic Design Studio called HelloMe, works at the intersection of design, art and culture and has created a series of simple little sculptures inspired by artists like Constantin Brancusi and italian Designer Ettore Sottsass. The sculptures work as base for the prints of the resulting Ucon collection: three shirts, a pair of shorts and a bow-tie. Every piece is based on minimalistic shapes and characterized by the color blocking and bold and simple patterns inspired by the furniture designs of Sottsass.

Hello Me designed also the new Ucon Look book which is based on the same directions he uses for the artist collection and his own work with HelloMe: Simplicity, functionalism and surprising details, like the beautiful pattern on the spine of the book. The look book features not only the artist collection but the regular items of Ucon, which are beautiful and functional pieces for the everyday: Shirts, dresses and skirts made from high quality materials based on a modest color palette with a few simple patterns and beautiful cutting details. The pictures of the new collection are photographed by Patrick Desbrosses, who has worked for clients like ZEIT magazine, CUT magazine or the Bayerische Staatsoper. All images work with a simple, but narrative style with strong color combinations and can operate as artworks in their own way. Have a look on the UCON website to see all images, projects and collections.

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses, Girl

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses, pattern

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses

Look Book, campaign, Patrick Debrosses, Boy and girl

Look Book, campaign, Patrick DebrossesShirt, Constantin Brâncuși, Ettore Sottsass, color

Shirt, shorts, Constantin Brâncuși, Ettore Sottsass, color

Modern sculpture, Constantin Brâncuși, Ettore Sottsass

 © Ucon Acrobatics

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