Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

ART / atelier bingo

Silkscreen, yellow, blue, orange, black, pattern

Sometimes design blurs the lines between graphic and art. A special example is the 
french duo Maxime Prou and Adèle Favreau, two graphic designers from France, which collaborate under the superb name Atelier Bingo

Both share a passion for illustration, graphic arts and pattern and transform these into bold graphic prints which they realize through silkscreen printing. Based in an old rehabilitated factory in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre they share a space with different creatives from all kind of directions. They found their inspiration in the directness of printing techniques which they use a playful tool rather than a technique, different colors and papers. Maxime and Adèle love to do experiments with these parameters and chose them over a linear design process. The result is pretty bold: beautiful collages and illustrations with a raw touch, every time colorful and surprising. The most remarkable characteristic of their work is there use of color which is well balanced in every piece and inspired by the work of Linus Bill and TAL R. Some of their pieces remind to the Flower Pictures of Andy Warhol or the bold images of Jean Michel Basqiat and are used to be abstract but meaningful at the same time.

Would like to see more of Atelier Bingo? Visit their website to see the full portfolio.

Silkscreen print, black, withe, pattern, paper

Silkscreen print, yellow, black, pink

Silkscreen, blue, green, black, white

Silkscreen, yellow, brown, orange, green

Silkscreen, grey, blue, pink

 © atelier bingo

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