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FASHION / miuniku aw 14

dress, white, pink, red

Most of the time we pay our attention to the fantastic things in life: beauty, entertainment and spectacle. But what take a lot more influence on us is the ordinary and quotidian. Sometimes should it be more productive to draw our attention to the trivial details in our life to start something new and creative. Tina and Nikita Sutradhar, founders of the Mumbai-based luxury clothing and accessories label MIUNIKU, did exactly this to find a starting point for their second collection after graduation from the London College of fashion.

Their inspiration sources are everyday actions that we perform every day such as washing dishes, cooking, washing our clothes or clean our apartment, all in an almost mechanical way. Each of these actions is part of a daily routine, boring, repetitive and predictable, but meaningful for the designers to transform every of these actions into a part of their concept. Tina and Nikita started creating clothes after observing how people juxtaposed their washed clothes on a line, fold and arrange them, how people wash their dishes or perform their work in factory’s. All this is now transformed in a beautiful simple but sophisticated collection called “Mundane things”. A collection which is characterized by a use of geometric lines, oversized shapes, bold forms, graphic details and fantastic colors which seem anything but mundane: bright blues, yellows, reds and oranges, strong pink and light blue – colors which are obtained from detergent packaging. Every coat, dress and jumper from “Mundane things” worked with complex layering and structured details and transform the rhythm of daily life into the garment itself.

They work with materials like jersey, wool, silk, organza and bring everyday life into fashion which becomes just glamorous this way. 

See the full collection and also the amazing AW 13 collection on MIUNIKU's website.

dress, white, pink, red

jacked, blue, red, white, stripes

jumper, blue

coat, white, blue, red, yellow

clothes, yellow, pink, blue

jacked, red, pink

coat, yellow, blue, red

dress, white, red, blue, stripes

coat, yellow, blue, red

coat, yellow, blue, red


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