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DESIGN / moak clock by studio ps

Dutch design, neon, concrete, wood, rawIt's always nice, if a product tells something about it's function during it's design and materials. That is something which Peter van de Merwe and Sanne Zeeman from Studio PS try to achieve with their new beautiful clock which they developed during the last time. The Moack clock combine a twofold function of showing time and being an appealing object in itself. 

Peter and Sanne choose not only a design that is both simple and subtle but also strong in its shape, they choose also materials which show the effect of time in general. The oak veneer circle that is used as the dial is unfinished, just only sanded so it will slightly change its character with the time The concrete will alter its face and spots. It will get harder and stronger through the years. 
The strong contrast of raw materials with the bright orange tip makes the MOAK Clock unique and reminds of another special issue of time: It can represent only a very short moment but also years of time, which define history.

The MOAK clock is a beautiful example for the work of the dutch studio which is focussed on product and interior design. Both designers are aware of the influence which our environment takes on us and try to create products which make us smile. If you would like to know more about Studio PS read the following interview. See more of the fantastic work of Peter and Sanne on their website.

Dutch design, neon, concrete, wood, raw, clock, watch

Dutch design, neon, concrete, wood, rawDutch design, neon, concrete, wood, raw, tools,

Dutch design, neon, concrete, wood, raw

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