Montag, 7. Juli 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY / kevin tadge

Dog, Water, Fur

Photography is always a game of perception. The photographers view and composition 
create something, which is new and will sometimes never find an opposite in real life. 
The Brooklyn based photographer and film maker Kevin Tadge built his photographic work on this fact. Kevin shoots objects, things and situations which seem mundane on the first glance but he imparts personalty in every image, regardless whether landscape or object of nature.

For Kevin it's all about the art of looking. After his graduation from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking

Kevin starts working on different film and photography projects and collaborate with photographer Laura Lamp. He produces different series which move on the border between photography and art. Kevins photos from landsscapes, objects and nature are narrative as a film, every series captures moments and phenomenas, sometimes blurred with a fictive layer of color, light or form. Kevin creates a unique piece of beauty when he pairs two images with each other based on similar forms or a shared dynamic.

For his series Guided Tours he creates close up's from collections from museums of nature history, showing gems, bugs or arrowheads. Isolated from their context these objects are transformed into abstract images. Kevin produce images from images and tell a new story with every series. He blurs the lines between fiction and reality, plays with the actual and an imagined world. The photos are rough and artificial at the same time, sometimes clear and minimal, work with contrast and color. Every image contains different layers and force the viewer to look for something more than just the surface. Kevin want that his pictures to communicate the act of photographing so that the viewer is aware of the thought process and the image itself.

See Kevin's full portfolio here.

Paper, Water, Wood

color, fiction, flowers

stones, color, water
woman, beach, banana

hand, wood, sand


display, museum

Guided tour

© Kevin Tadge

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